With Garden Gardening Gloves

With Garden Gardening Gloves

SKU: 236RH1886

WithGarden Soft and Care Landscape Nitrile Gardening Gloves

Allergies or sensitivities to latex are very common. Thankfully, there are a number of alternatives available on the market. This includes the WithGarden Soft and Care Landscape Nitrile Gardening Gloves, which are made with a double nitrile coating instead of the usual latex.

These gloves provide added grip in wet and dirty environments, making them ideal for gardening tasks. Ergonomic in design, you can rest assured that you'll be able to perform all the delicate tasks you're used to performing.

Key Information

  • Available Sizes: 7 - 9
  • Supplied as a pair

Uses of the WithGarden Work Gloves

The WithGarden Soft and Care Landscape Gloves are designed for gardening tasks where additional grip is required. This includes the following applications:

  • Agricultural work
  • Farming work
  • Florist work
  • Fruit picking work
  • Gardening work
  • Greenkeeping work
  • Horticulture work
  • Landscaping work
  • Outdoor work
  • Planting work
  • Wet work

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for work requiring dexterity and touch sensitivity
  • Features a nitrile palm coating for those with a latex allergy
  • Uses MicroFinish technology for ultimate wet and dry grip
  • Double palm coating protects against the penetration of liquids
  • Seamless, 13 gauge nylon liner maximises your comfort
  • Ergonomic design helps minimises hand fatigue
  • Breathable open back reduces perspiration
  • Ideal for use over a prolonged period of time
  • Machine washable for improved longevity
  • Stylish and elegant design for added versatility