Virkon S Tablets

Virkon S Tablets

SKU: 233RH1532
Virkon S Tablets offer a broad-spectrum disinfectant effective against all 18 virus families affecting man and animals, including HIV and hepatitis B. Bactericide and fungicide, odourless and non-irritant to skin and eyes. Dissolves easily. Non-corrosive, non-bleaching and biodegradable. Perfect protection for pets and vets, ideal for the control of equine, pig and poultry diseases, and essential protection for first responders in emergency disease outbreaks. Virkon S tablets are a convenient to store and easy to handle presentation that simplifies the preparation of an accurately dosed disinfectant solution. The tablets are especially suitable for low volume applications and can be used in conjunction with trigger spray bottles for surface, equipment, skin* and aerial disinfection, and for disinfectant footdips. Readily soluble in tap water, the Virkon S tablets effervesce into a pink solution. Good infection control practices indicate disinfectant solutions should be replenished on a daily basis. Virkon S Tablets Pot contain 50 x 5g Tablets

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