Trident Supabeet 25kg

Trident Supabeet 25kg

SKU: 231RH5062

Trident's Supabeet Molassed Sugar Beet Feed helps to increase animal performance and is ideal as the base ingredient for feed mixes for your ruminant and equine livestock.

For cattle it’s a key component in highly digestible-fibre mixes and beef/dairy high performance feeds.

For sheep, lambs and youngstock it’s an effective source of energy based on digestible fibre.

One of the benefits of this feed is it leads to improved feed conversion efficiency: Its high palatability levels lead to good feed intake, while the fibre digests slowly as it releases energy, helping to avoid digestive upsets.

Supplied as pellets in 25kg bags.

• 10.5% protein – a lower protein component to balance other ingredients in your feed mix
• Digestible fibre – helping to buffer against acidosis (which tends to come with high-starch feeds)
• Highly palatable – leads to increased intake which in turn means better growth & performance
• Energy supply
• Molassed – the sugars provide additional energy, stimulating ruminants’ digestion of fibre