Thunderbrook Hay Cobs 20Kg

Thunderbrook Hay Cobs 20Kg

SKU: 231RH5182A
Thunderbrook HayCobs are a completely dust free high fibre forage based feed. Can be fed as a full or partial hay replacer. HayCobs can also be hand fed as treats or in a treat ball. No pre-soaking required. The use of innovative processing technology results in highly compressed dust free cobs. Contains over 50 varieties of alpine grasses and herbs. No preservatives, additives, binders, GM ingredients or chemical processing.

Why feed Hay Cobs? Over 50 varieties of alpine grasses and herbs Ideal for horses with a sensitive digestive system Suitable for horses prone to laminitis Low sugar and starch Composition Dried alpine grasses and herbage. Analysis Haycobs are a natural product. Over 50 varieties of Bavarian alpine grasses and herbs are cut from in excess of 1000 acres and there will be variations in the analyses due to number of cuts per year, time of cut, weather, location of field, etc.

The Analyses shown are therefore ranges across various batches.

Crude Protein 8.4%, Crude Oil 1.9%, Crude Fibre 20.6%, DE 11.13 MJ/kg, Sugar 7.6%, Starch <2%

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