Thunderbrook Equestrian Equicarbon  1Kg

Thunderbrook Equestrian Equicarbon 1Kg

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Thunderbrook Equicarb offers a specially processed blend of medicinal grade activated charcoal and human food grade mineral clays. Added to either feed or drinking water, EquiCarb has a much broader spectrum of toxin absorbency than just charcoal alone.

Composition Activated Charcoal BPC 1934, Smectite Clays, Gums (Human Food Grade)

Analysis Crude Fibre 38.8%, Protein 0.9%, Ash 17.0%, DE 6.01 MJ/kg, Sugar 0.3%, Starch <2% Ponies and small horses up to 300kg 10-25g once or twice daily Large horse 300kg and above 20-50g once or twice daily Use according to requirements mixed into a damp feed.

Ensure access to plenty of fresh water.