Nettex Rug Proofer Solution Low Foam, Adds and renews water repellency, whilst maintaining the breathability of horse rugs. Fluorochemical resin emulsion that imparts oil and water repellency, as well as a soft touch to synthetic and cellulose fibres. The mechanically stability of the waterproofer is very good, therefore there are fewer troubles such as 'gum-up and scumming' in laundry machines, facilitating the washing operation. Suggested levels are between 300ml and 500ml per rug depending on desired level of proofing required. Add to final rinse cycle, treat for 15 minutes (preferably at 30-40 degrees centigrade), drain and remove without further rinsing.

Nettex Rug Proofer Solution Low Foam

SKU: 290RH1108

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