Nettex Calf Colostrum

Nettex Calf Colostrum

Nettex Calf Colostrum is an easy to use UK full fat colostrum supplement that gives reliable support whenever needed. Even in herds where most calves are getting adequate colostrum there will be situations of concern, such as a difficult calving. Nettex Calf Colostrum is ideal for keeping on hand so quick and effective supplementation can be implemented straight away. The raw colostrum is frozen at source and then dried using a unique process preserving all of the components of natural colostrum. This produces a unique, high quality colostrum product high in protein, colostral fat and growth factors as well as being tested for both safety and efficacy.

Convenient and easy to use.

Ideal for keeping on hand.

UK full fat colostrum.

EBL & TB Free