Melcourt Topgrow
  • Melcourt Topgrow

    SKU: 180MG3520
    Melcourt Topgrow offers a compost soil improver that is a carefully formulated tree and shrub planting compost, 100% peat-free and containing balanced slow-release nutrients, used to aid the successful establishment of newly planted trees and shrubs Melcourt Topgrow Benefits For the successful establishment and continued growth of newly planted trees and shrubs 100% peat-free Extremely popular and regularly used by professional landscape contractors Free flowing and easy to handle Processed from natural, British sustainable materials, bark and green compost Dark brown in colour Improves the soil quality, when planting bare root, root balled and container-grown trees and shrubs, from transplants and whips, up to semi mature subjects Easy to mix and incorporate, using simple tools Proven to be successful and effective in use Provides long term slow release of nutrients Adds valuable organic matter thus aiding nutrient retention and water-holding capacity Extremely cost-effective � Nationally available, either pre-packed or in bulk loose quantities