Melcourt Playbark Chippings 10/40
  • Melcourt Playbark Chippings 10/40

    SKU: 180MG3524
    The Melcourt Playbark 10/40 is an exceptionally well-graded, chunky, pine bark-based loose impact absorbing surface (LIAS) from the deluxe range. The Melcourt Playbark 10/40 is widely used and suitable with all play equipment, including climbing frames, slides and space nets. It is the UK leading brand of LIAS and used extensively throughout the country for well over 20 years. Melcourt Playbark 10/50 Bark Chippings Mulch Specification An exceptionally well graded, chunky pine bark Nominal particle size 10�40mm Dust and fines have been removed and the product contains less than 2.5% wood Tested in accordance with BS EN 1176 and 1177 Use at depths of 300mm, 200mm and 100mm giving critical fall heights of 6.01metres, 3.82 metres and 1.33 metres respectively Fire tested in accordance with BS 4790:1987 RHS Endorsed