Lawn Sand 8-0-0 7% Fe

Lawn Sand 8-0-0 7% Fe

SKU: 100FE6001
Lawn Sand 8-0-0 7% Fe Controls moss in turfed areas. Can also be used as a turf tonic and lichen and algae treatment. Perfect for improving surface drainage and strengthening turf in autumn. Iron sulphate also helps to reduce the pH level of soil which will encourages finer grass species. Lawn Sand 8-0-0 7% Fe can treat a large area of moss in grass, lawns, amenity turf & outfield areas. Lawn Sand 8-0-0 7% Fe Application Rate 35 - 140g/m2 Lawn Sand 8-0-0 7% Fe Benefits A classic combination of low nitrogen & high iron blended sands to combat moss in grass � suitable for all turf situations High iron hardens turf against disease Promotes a rapid greening of lawns Applied at the higher rate, lawn sand will blacken moss Note: To prevent staining, apply with caution near paved/ concrete paths or garden ornaments Granular fertilisers should not be applied during periods of stress: drought, high temperatures, frost Water the area with a hose if there is no rain 48 hours after application Avoid cutting grass for 3 days after application

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