Green-Tree Soil Improver
  • Green-Tree Soil Improver

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    Green-Tree Soil Improver is a rich organic based product which is the ideal way to put body and strength back into a poor quality soil. If you are looking to create a vegetable patch or rose bed it will be an invaluable tool to provide the foundation for such a development. If you have taken out a conifer hedge or an old fashioned Privet hedge the soil underneath will be as dry as dust and devoid of all nutrients this is another great use for Soil Improver. Green-Tree Soil Improver Benefits Natural slow release of nutrient supply Improves soil structure Improved drainage reduces run off Better plant survival rate and growth Improved soil fertility Reduction in soil compaction Improves soil water holding capacity Increase in micro organisms 100% sustainable 1ton of PAS100 Compost saves the environment 700kg of Green house gas emissions.