Autochem Blue 2 Year Antifreeze

Autochem Blue 2 Year Antifreeze

SKU: 243RH1116B

Autochem Blue 2 Year Antifreeze

This concentrated 2 Year Antifreeze is a methanol free formulation suitable for all engine types, providing exceptional all year-round protection and performance, in all driving conditions. Contains anti-corrosion additives, allowing it to inhibit rust within the system for a maximum of 2 years. Suitable for use in many Classic/Vintage vehicles.


Manufactured to meet BS6580 (2010).


  • Antifreeze & Engine coolant
  • 2 Year protection
  • Contains Rust inhibitors
  • Suitable for all engine types
  • Methanol Free


General use, create a solution of 1-part Antifreeze to 2-parts De-Ionised water. Optimum protection (Down to -18°C), create a solution of 1-part Antifreeze to 1-part De-Ionised water. Refer to vehicle manufacturer’s handbook for the total volume of the cooling system.