Aniseed Powder 1kg Horse Herb Supplement

Aniseed Powder 1kg Horse Herb Supplement

SKU: 232RF0003
Aniseed Powder 1kg horse feed herb supplement offers benefits to a healthy digestion, respiration in all horses and hormonal cycles in mares. For healthy digestion and respiration in all horses. Aniseed also supports the hormonal cycles in mares. It is reported that Aniseed has been used successfully to treat poor appetite and digestive disorders like colic. Aniseed has expectorant properties and is often recommended for horses with chronic coughs. Aniseed also has estrogenic activity and can be used to help normalize estrus in mares. Supports easy breathing and healthy sinuses. It adds a liquorice like flavour and smell to feed. Supports digestive health & regular bowel movements. Supports mares needing support with producing good quantities of milk. It also supports skin health and wound healing.

Horses and Ponies feed 20g-40g per day

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